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Securing Websites & Networks & Blockchains

Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack. -Sun Tzu

Smart Contract Audits

We provide smart contract audits & security recommendations to teams by utilizing a perfect combination of automation, static analysis, and a robust manual review.

Penetration Testing

Our experienced team of ethical hackers performs cyber security penetration testing trying to get privileged access to your systems. Furthermore, we evaluate the risks related to discovered security loopholes.

Website Security

We help to protect your website and applications from a broad variety of cyber threats including attacks and malware.

Smart Contract Audit

We provide affordable yet intensive security audits of smart contracts and reviews of solidity code, no matter how complex. Our audits detects for example vulnerabilities listed at The Smart Contract Weakness Classification Registry (SWC Registry). Privacy & confidentiality are guaranteed. Although, we encourage making the audit report public to increase trust and show transparency. Solidity Code Audits starts from $990.

Network Penetration Testing

Kali Analytics team does in-depth penetration testing for your systems checking for exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, web apps, and user security. We’ll show you how your internet assets can be compromised, spied, hacked, stolen, even destroyed. Let us tell you how that can be done, and how found vulnerabilities can be eliminated. That’s called pen testing and white hat hacking.

Although, if your system security is found to be generally safe, you may ask we put gray hats on, and show you cracks and holes. We’ve not yet found Linux or Windows network connected to the internet, we can’t infiltrate. Privacy & confidentiality are guaranteed. Our initial network scans start from $19.990 and we offer monthly contracts starting from $1.990.

All-in-one WordPress website security solutions & hardening

Our holistic approach to securing WordPress and Woocommerce based websites is trusted by sites from Europe to North America and Asia. We deliver complete solutions against all threats and monitor your web assets 24/7 ensuring 100% uptime even in critical situations.

We detect for example most vulnerabilities listed at Vuldb and National Vulnerability Database. Our services are cost-effective and scalable. We offer easy & worry-free security solutions from small businesses & e-commerce stores to international brands. Pricing starts from $99/month.

Kali Analytics' smart contract audit helped us ensure there are no known security issues and build trust in our sustainability solutions relying on multiple blockchains.
Sustainability startup
Thanks to Kali Analytics critical parts of our business are on a rock-solid foundation. They help to keep our gaming environment secure and clients' funds safe.
Well known casino operator
Kali Analytics provides invaluable ongoing network security services for our infrastructure helping us to achieve 100% uptime.
Hosting service provider
Number of data leaks in 2021
$ 0
Lost in DeFI Hacks in 2021
Number of websites hacked daily

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